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Hi, I’m David Stevens, and I created Blue Tomato Graphics to give individuals & small to medium business owners great design at affordable prices.

New Jersey graphic design company Blue Tomato Graphics, located in Ridgefield Park, Bergen County NJ, designs compelling brand experiences that elevate and differentiate our small business clients in the competitive marketplace. Our knowledge and expertise in strategy, marketing, branding, web, print, advertising and promotions ensure your communications succeed at every audience interaction. We think strategically, research exhaustively and design innovatively to give you distinctive, cutting-edge brand experiences that inspire, without the common “everything but the kitchen sink” cost structure of other design firms.

Most small business owners tend to try to cut corners when they first open their business, and unfortunately skimping on your businesses look and feel can be a costly fix later on.

Graphic design requires a creative expert. There is a major difference from a $50 logo you purchased online and one that has been customized for you and your businesses. Good graphic designers will know the best approaches to communicate your products and services to your customers. They will know what your competition does (because they will research it), they will take your preferences into mind and then come up with a number of creative solutions to get your message across.

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Every day we are exposed to a busy landscape of words, sights and sounds. Saying that we filter a lot of information we see is an understatement. The good stuff that catches our attention can swing our mood, alter our feelings, peak our interest and change our minds too. When good design achieves this kind of purpose, then it definitely becomes a memorable success.

As media theorist John Berger wrote, ”Seeing comes before words.” Sometimes these words can go in one ear and out the other unless it’s combined with images. Words are processed by our short-term memory but images go directly into the long-term memory vault where they leave a more lasting impression. It’s no surprise that it’s easier to show a cow jumping over the moon than describing it.

Design affects us largely on an emotional level. A good graphic designer communicates a client’s ideas by enhancing emotions, stirring up memories, altering our attitudes and our imaginations too. One size does not fit all when it comes to design. A good graphic designer should remain flexible. If you cannot afford full color then work with two. If you cannot afford a huge website then start small and build it as you go along. The longer you work with a designer, the better your marketing efforts will be.

Whether you are looking for corporate identity packages, web design and development, advertising pieces or a unique logo design, our solutions will make your business as unique as you are. Our partnerships with marketing and print firms means that we are your one stop for all your design, marketing and printing needs. Blue Tomato Graphics has the knowledge, and the team, to produce the “art of the imaginable™”.


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