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Your corporate identity reveals a lot about your company. As one of the most successful graphic design companies in New Jersey, Blue Tomato will make sure yours says the right thing.

A corporate identity is the bigger picture of all the visual and sensual aspects of a company. Logo design; stationery; marketing collateral such as print brochures and direct mail; website design, email, social media; online, radio, magazine, billboard and display advertising; product design and packaging; employee uniforms; corporate signage and vehicle graphics. A corporate identity program needs to address all these potential impressions made by the company, and inconsistent or nonexistent application of the identity can result in a less that optimal brand perception.

A brand image is comprised of every experience a person has with that company, person, product or service. It’s what you think of when you see the logo, i.e., the public’s perception of the personality of a business entity. Creating a successful and appealing brand requires proper strategy, positioning, marketing and messaging to appeal to a company’s target market. Ultimately a brand is formed by the audience—the customers, based on not just the strategy, positioning, marketing and logo created by an agency, but the behavior, ethics, and values of the company as well. When a customer feels in sync with a company, it is an emotional bond, a connection based on shared vision and values.

Corporate identity is much more than a logo. It’s the branding element that communicates the culture of your business, and it must be distinctive, memorable and work across all media. It’s what defines you in your customer’s mind. Without this visual representation of yourself, they know very little about you. It can often be the deciding factor when a customer is making their choice.

At Blue Tomato Graphics, we are corporate identity experts. We will help you develop an effective and appropriate identity by building upon an in-depth understanding of your business and customer mindset. Getting the right branding for the message you want to convey is an art form. It’s a subtle combination of getting all the right elements to exist harmoniously– graphics, colors, type, textures. Over time, this visual representation of your business will become a promise of performance and quality.

Once you have your logo, it must be the focal point of all your communication vehicles in order to enter the marketplace. It will be a focal point for all integrated marketing pieces – from your stationery and signage to your website, collateral and presentations. Whether you’re just starting out or need a fresh new approach, we will build your brand into one that is immediately identifiable.