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It’s All About You
Before any ideas are developed or any designs are created, we get to know you, your business, your products and your target audience. Understanding your goals and your strategies helps us to define our thinking and come up with a great idea that anchors everything together. Whether it’s a one-off piece or a whole marketing campaign, Blue Tomato Graphics in Bergen County, NJ, is dedicated to an interactive and creative process. It’s about “the art of the imaginable™”. Bringing your ideas to life.

Phase 1: We listen
The better we understand your offer, the more appropriate and effective the visuals we can create for your brand. We ask as many questions as possible, slicing and dicing the answers until we have a firm grasp of your values, your message, your challenges, your target audience and your marketplace. We then set project guidelines, budgets and parameters to ensure a successful end result.

Phase 2: We research
We scratch. We sniff. We dig. We discover. We jump into your world, study its history, probe its limits and analyze its progress. We excavate deep into the values, truths and standards that make you who you are and define the essence of your company. Leaving no stone unturned, including your competition, we combine all of our passion, talent and sweat with yours to find what we need to get started.

Phase 3: We create
After analyzing and researching, we put pen to paper, or in most cases, cursor to screen. Once we’ve gathered all the elements of your project, whether you are launching a website, creating print collateral or building a trade show display, it is at this point that we put it all together. First, we develop the conceptual thought by creating a series of layouts for your review. Then, with your feedback, we scrutinize and finalize the direction your project will take. Together we proof, edit, tweak and polish the design to perfection.

Phase 4: We produce
Once we’re both happy with the result, Blue Tomato produces the final artwork with all copy, colors, images and illustrations optimized for seamless production. Unless you’re familiar with pagination, plates, registration, screens, trims and repro, it’s probably a good idea to leave production to us. We believe that designers work best hand-in-hand with printers, so we work closely with our printing firms. It’s a time-tested partnership that promises clients the best of results. This is how your design comes to life.

Phase 5: We deliver
It’s time for your design to make an impact. And BTG knows that execution is crucial and timing is essential. After we supply the printed materials or electronic files, you’re ready for kickoff. Should you want to create a buzz, we can even help you prepare effective marketing methods for a memorable launch.

Phase 6: We support
The secret to successful communication is consistency. It’s important to keep your message, products, materials and website updated with current information and relevant visuals. It’s equally valuable to monitor your progress and track your results. Blue Tomato Graphics offers ongoing support and solutions to ensure you are achieving the success you deserve.